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This was a fun one. When I heard about Dann's SPACED Challenge I was excited to see the submissions but then caught the bug and had to enter as well. I needed an excuse to work on a quick fun project, to dive back into PS and dust off the Wacom tablet. Doing so felt like coming back home. Thanks Dann for creating such a fun contest!

The brief for this project spoke primarily about SPACED's focus on safety, that they're excited about their new destination, the Moon, that their suits are made by Nike and the company offers a high-end experience at a reasonable price.

My direction puts their leading technology up front: the ships which get you to and back from space safely. If I were interested in traveling to space, my main priority would be the safety of me and those traveling with me. I wanted to convey SPACED's expertise immediately and that they're confident in their services. I paired this messaging with a flight search bar so the potential customer and quickly find available flights.

Next up is the focus on their new destination, the Moon. This is a big deal for them and shouldn't be missed, so it gets a full section to itself. Paired with the intro about the Moon is info on the landing zone and what customers can expect to find there upon arrival. Bonus points for naming it after Dann's wife. 🙂

After that is the highlight on their spacesuits, which I call SPACEDSUITS. I saw an opportunity to not only call out the partnership with Nike, but to also tie-in SPACED's app and how it pairs with the suits making them a smartsuit.

Lastly I focus on their great value for money and that they offer services to help you plan your journey.

The brief also had plenty to say about the desired aesthetic. I chose not to go full black and white, because I think that looks too ominous. Instead I went dark and light with deep blues and purples mixed with a yellow-orange highlight color. I had to nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey with colors, as well as typographically. I chose Eurostile as the primary brand font and mixed it with Univers (because it's awesome and sounds spacey) and Input Mono. Writing style is friendly with a little cheekiness for good measure.

Hope you guys like it. Feel free to leave me any thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

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