Sauraj Babu

Spaced challenge concept

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Here's my submission for @Dann Petty's Spaced challenge

This design was chosen as the best in the web design category.

Entire project was made in framer,
Try out the high res working prototype here :

The basic idea was to make a simple 3 part website,

1. A intro section which shows the vastness of space, by loading into the new location of travel, which in this case is the moon. and also a quick actions section to quickly get to booking a trip

2. The locations section shows the other locations you can travel to along with some pricing and flight time

3..The technology section explains the ship that takes the people and the various parts and purpose

finally we have the footer telling the users what spaced is all about.

- tap the booking button on the top menu to reset all animations
(Chrome recommended, on safari drag to scroll through the page)

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