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🌔 SPACED Travel App #2

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🌔 SPACED Travel App #2 space mars moon motion ui ux travel app challenge spacedchallenge spaced

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And here is the second part animated for my contribution to the #SPACEDChallenge by @Dann Petty and Epicurrence :)

You can check the 1st part here

You'll find the video in a better resolution in the attachment, and also the customer journey, as on the 1st shot!

All of this project was designed to be as simple as possible for customers. My goal was to render these amazing trips the most accessible as possible, while maintaining the idea of discovery and self-completion, you're actually going to space after all!

I was inspired by the wonderful project "Tinder Travel", made by @FΛNTΛSY , right here

If you read all of it, thank you for your time, feel free to fill the Heart, or leave a comment!

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