PhotoFunia Studio Prototype

Yesterday, I got chance to test PhotoFunia online, multiplatform, text and image effect generator. At first, I was skeptical if it would be capable of delivering high quality effects and image files, but on first export I knew it was special! I made this composition in less than 1min, one artboard and only three layers! Amazing, right? Even though Graphic Design is my passion, with devoting my time to mostly UX lately, my Visual skills got somewhat rusty, yet I was able to deliver this piece of art without much hassle. This makes me really excited about my future as a Visual Artist!

There are no limits to what you could do with this tool!* I won’t say this is nothing as I did spend a whole minute on this, and quite a bit more on writing the description, but I’m sure with few seconds more, you peeps out there can bring it to a whole new level! It's really flow-changing and your designs are bound to reach new heights!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of timelapse video, I was too excited to try it and I forgot to turn on my screen recorder :/

*except limited background element options, text styles, no colour palette options, and character limits on text inputs, but never mind that, such limits should only increase your creativity anyways


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Thank you notes

@Dann Petty for copy inspiration, even though his was for a different product :)

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