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Speakerboard • brand identity concept

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Speakerboard • brand identity concept concept identity brand

Speakerboard is a new dashboard for speakers to manage their talk ideas, propositions, and appearances.

This brand identity is built to show the inclusivity and the openness of the platform. I chose to design a logo which can remind a discussion bubble, a notification system or a display with a laser pointer.

The discussion bubble is here to remind the user about one of the main value of the platform: the power of the community.
In public events, speakers are talking. They are discussion starters. That is the reason why the discussion bubble is one of the strongest element of this brand identity.

The red point is a way to remind the user about laser pointers used by speakers in presentations or to remind the user about the purpose of the project.
Speakerboard is a dashboard for speakers, a dashboard with information and notification.

The complete brand identity is using imperfect and organic shapes to remind us about the human side of this project.

Last but not least, I wanted to design a logo with inclusivity and diversity in mind.
I built this design system to be usable with different color variants, depending on the context and the topic.

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