Three years ago today I left my family and my city, Marseille, to look for opportunities abroad.

When I arrived to Argentina I was greeted with multiple challenges —like learning a new language from scratch. I found my place at @Aerolab, where I started to learn about UX/UI Design. Three years later I’m still here, and I can now —almost— speak Spanish professionally, thanks to their patience and dedication 🧡

Even though I succeeded and I'm proud of what I’ve achieved so far –and excited for what I’m yet to achieve–, I still miss my childhood home everyday. Illustration is a way for me to reconnect with it, and to cope with homesickness.

Special thanks to @Alejandro Ramirez , @Gustavo Zambelli , @Carla Corrales , @Wanda Arca and Bautista Aguiar for their feedbacks and support 🙏

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