Cryptocurrency Dashboard for Blockchain Frequent Flyer Platform

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Hello people!

Check out Flycoin tracking dashboard that users will see in Your Account section of the website I designing for cool clients of ours who created a frequent-flyer platform based on blockchain technology.

The main objective of this screen is providing users with the most important info on their crypto wallet, displaying their account Flycoin balance and its rate to other cryptocurrencies. We added a flight map at the bottom section where users can see how many Flycoins they can get for each flight or any other services they’re going to purchase.

Having studied the target audience which includes multiple groups, we focused on creating a clean interface that is intuitively simple to use both for tech-savvy and non-tech savvy people. Kept data easy to comprehend. While designing the page we used the brand colors to match the website’s overall stylistics.

We ended up with a clean and intuitive dashboard design that showcases all the necessary information keeping it easy to understand. This is WIP, so we’d love to hear some feedback. Don’t be shy!

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