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Making some letters for a friend’s tattoo based off some old gravestone type I found.🤑💀
Like a lot of other lettery humans out there I get a good amount of requests to do tattoo designs. I really don’t feel comfortable making something for someone who I don’t know personally and have a deep connection with. I only want my friends to get fucked up with my janky ass type - I would never do that to someone I didn’t know. My great friend Mark and I shared studio space for a few years at the height of my alcoholism. He was the first person to not only confront me about it but set up an intervention. While I still hadn’t hit my rock bottom at that point I consider it to be a major catalyst in my decision to become sober. It was a life changing moment and I don’t know how it would have gone down without him. I owe a lot to Mark as he witnessed me at my absolute worst and was able to stand by me throughout the good times and the wildly horrific times. A true ride or die 💚🤮 I’ve got 3.5 years under my belt alcohol free and can safely say there is no way I could have done it without him. Love you my dude.

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