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Design Leadership Forum by InVision: A look at the new community

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Design Leadership Forum by InVision: A look at the new community inspire community forum billboard business card identity system logo leadership design leadership design brand

Today, we launched the Design Leadership Forum, a community of, and for design leaders, who come together to advance the practice of design leadership.

The forum so far consists of design leaders like Amanda Linden (Facebook), Shawn Johnson (NBC Universal), Frank Yoo (Lyft), and several others. With this launch, the forum is open to new members around the world. The visual brand for the forum highlights this journey of growth, support, and collaboration experienced by its members.

The brand’s mark abstractly showcases the collaboration of 2 elements coming together, in what also forms a staircase alluding to the growth this leadership group is set to experience.

The brand’s visual identity system also hosts a series of brand patterns and animations that abstractly represent the values of what it means to be a leader—what it takes build, transform, and shape the future of design.

Looking forward to hearing what you think—and if you know of an accomplished design leader who would enrich the community, nominate them on the Design Leadership Forum site.

@aaron stump: Creative & Art Direction
@Jared Granger: Brand Design & Art Direction
@Elegant Seagulls (@Ben Johnson: + @Myles kedrowski) Landing Page Design
@Elegant Seagulls (@Ryan LaBar + @Brett Smith): Development

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