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I made some letters based on a Roman constructed alphabet originally drawn by Albrecht Dürer. Essentially this was just for practice / drawing a friend’s tattoo but wanted to typeset a portion of the inscription from John Keat’s headstone as I’ve always been drawn to these words. I find them to be ruminating in my thoughts when overanalyzing the concept of death and what the true purpose of life is.

A year and a half ago I pulled a drowning victim, Harry Bauser an elderly fisherman, out of the Hudson River. His friend who was with him was unable to swim and flagged me down for help. By the time I was able to get him from the water back to the shore I knew I was too late. I still began giving chest compressions eventually feeling his sternum and ribs break under my hands my efforts unfortunately in vain. When the paramedics arrived they were able to get his heart beating again momentarily but ultimately it was not enough and he left this earth on the way to the hospital. In conjunction with this experience a close child hood friend, Derrick Cazard, had died in a drowning about 10 years prior to this event. We had a major falling out over some bullshit a couple weeks before and I never got to reconcile with him before he departed this life.

I can’t help but feel some kind of overarching connection between these two occurrences of death. Perhaps this was a way of me experiencing a drowning first hand to understand some semblance of what Derrick went through in his final moments. Or maybe that the universe is chaos and nothing matters 🙃

Rest In Peace fellas I’ll see ya on the other side.

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