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Coconut Battery

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Coconut Battery coconut icon macos

Work in progress of a replacement icon for Coconut Battery! 🥥

Coconut Battery is one of the handiest apps for the Mac. And it's out there for quite a long time! Cannot recommend it enough.

A while ago, I was feeling a bit nostalgic about old school Mac software... and their beautiful iconography. So I decided to take a spin on the classic indie iconography, slightly tweaked to belong within the macOS icon family.

I played around with substituting their dried coconut with a green one — which colors look a bit more vivid — so it fits the general palette of macOS icons. The rectangle behind it represents a MacBook. I chose not to go too deep into its details to avoid visual clutter, and also because Apple does not allow the usage of their hardware in icons.

Their current icon is super charming, and I won't even dare to say it needs improvement. This is just for personal enjoyment and practice. 💛

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