Andrew Horuzhii

Pure JS Dribbbble GIF Previewer

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Pure JS Dribbbble GIF Previewer animation tool dribbble previewer previewer gif

Hi fellow designers!
I think most of you know that in a race for gaining more likes all the details matter, especially the right look of your shots in feed. But Dribbble by itself don't able to show what will appear as the preview of GIF shot, before actually publishing shot. It’s quite strange, isn’t it?
I had an idea of creating such a tool capable to make a right preview of the animated GIF shot before publishing on Dribbble for a long time, probably since I have uploaded my first animated shot. And finally, I did and wanna share it with you guys.
Download GIF Previewer and check it by yourself.
And the full story of my attempts to build it on Medium.

I hope it’ll be helpful for you too and I would love to hear feedback and comments. Have nice projects and cool shots!

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