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In last 3 months, we worked on internal project. Mostly about reviewing our past time we run the studio, and finally we found something to evaluate about what we've done before. We are trying to redefine what is this studio means to us in the past, and what we can expect from the studio in the future.

In this 2018, we re-define the studio vision and it affects almost all things in all studio life lines like people development, culture, and work. Thats why we need to renew our face, both visually and strategy to internal team and external people which followed by some changes of us with something fresh, consistent, and well documented.

After long discussion about all of these stuffs, we are considering that the thumb is the best idea to show out our new branding ideas and spirit. As we all know, thumb is playing the main role than the other fingers in the hand and it identifies as a leadership symbol and good nature.

By this new spirit, we are ready to run efficiently faster and becoming a role-model, and playing important position in this industry.

Finally, this is it! Big thanks to @Kukuh Andik who plays the biggest role in this branding process and all of @Sebo team for the hard work these last months.

PS : We will post more about the creation process of this logo.


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