8tracks — Onboarding UI/UX (Desktop Web)

February 2016 — I worked in-house with the 8tracks team to design and develop the FTUX (first-time user experience) onboarding exercise.

Greg Korn first designed the UI for iOS, which I then user-tested in 1:1 sessions. Greg later designed a version for desktop web, as a modal, and handed it off to me to develop the front-end.

The modal had a few serious issues, so I redesigned the UI as a responsive full-screen state. I then developed it using Rails, HTML, SCSS, and Backbone.js. Matthew Cieplak helped with the CSS3 transitions.

I then worked with Jono Kane to address the UX flows and start/finish states.

To view the live site, create a free account on 8tracks.com.

If you already have an account, visit 8tracks.com/home/onboarding.

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