Jonathan Howell

New Job: SurveyMonkey

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New Job: SurveyMonkey product design visual design brand product branding new job

I'm excited to share that I've joined SurveyMonkey in a rather interesting role as the Design Lead helping to bridge the gap between brand and product design as well as focus a lot of my efforts on building out our design system with @Dick 👋.

The brand refresh that launched last year was just the beginning of what's to come, I couldn't be more stoked to work with so many talented folks.

In regards to my role, I'll be focused on identifying areas within our products where we can improve both brand and product experiences. Essentially, allowing the brand to have a voice inside the product, and vice versa. I'm really excited to have a hybrid type role where I can work on both product design and brand with a very systematic approach.

#TrustTheTeam – @SurveyMonkey

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