Mustsee Landing Wireframe

We’ve recently released a new landing page for our product Mustsee. The previous landing wasn’t simple and clear enough.

We’ve set up some clear goal. The new landing needs to:
→ be more straightforward: show precisely what Mustsee does
→ have a better social proof system: feature more reviews and highlight our 5/5 star rating
→ have a better copywriting: what: “Daily dose of wanderlust” ; how: “Discover the world’s beautiful places at every opened tab”
→ show the product advantage from competitors: highlight pictures which are only available on Mustsee. We don’t use photos from stock photos.

The outcomes are good:
- we’ve a better conversion rate
- people understand what does the product quickly

If you want to see the final result → HERE

ps: Florian posted few week ago some iterations about this landing → HERE

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