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A quick trace from paper of a logotype I'm working on. See the attached pencil version of this wordmark, which was traced from the initial sketch I made with a black bullet tip BIC Permanent Marker (Ref. 2000).

The typography clearly needs some curve adjustments in the next round. The lowercase x & e need to be lowered a bit as well as the bottom part of the lowercase e that needs some extra weight to keep the remaining white-space consistent. Furthermore there's this weird dent in the right curve of the lowercase O and the little curl of the uppercase P that also needs to be fixed. I didn't pay too much attention to the word 'design' which actually was (as Bob Ewing rightfully mentioned) just placed in there ;))

The reason I posted this early concept is because I liked the freeform rhythm & flow of this particular version. As some of you know I tend to have a knack for Bézier tweaking, so I obviously save the best bite for last ;)

I welcome any improvements you may see.

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