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Introducing Trainline's Voice App

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Introducing Trainline's Voice App google assistant chat bot conversational ui voice google home

Trainline’s voice app allows UK rail travellers to “talk to Trainline” by asking everyday travel questions about their journey, with real-time updates on details that matter most, like timetables and delays.

Our voice app can provide information on UK rail journeys both on-the-day/at the time of travel and in the future, share journey times and delays in real-time, provide contextual information such as weather updates and can be taught to retain information such as a daily commute for faster results.

The Trainline app for the Google Assistant is now available on eligible Android phones, on the Assistant app on iOS, and on Assistant-enabled devices like Google Home.

Ask your assistant:

Ask Trainline how my commute to work is looking

Ask Trainline to set up my commute

Ask Trainline what can you do

Ask Trainline what's the last train to St Albans from Farringdon

Ask Trainline what train I should take if I want to arrive in Manchester by 10 am tomorrow

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