Free Dribbble invite for toolbar feedback

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I have a Dribbble invite up for grabs so all you prospects chime in.

I'm also having the darndest trouble simplifying a FileMaker-based toolbar for an inventory app. FileMaker is a unique beast in that it is vector based but has no presentational flow a la CSS/HTML, limited resize capability and nearly no-hide and appear capability worth considering. I'm really hammering at this design and it will be used on both desktop and iPad versions, most likely. But am still having trouble as to the myriad of versions that I prefer. The search field is very helpful and the little leaf will return the user to the home screen FYI.

With that said any and all constructive feedback puts you in the running, then I'll raffle it off said way... probably with a FileMaker-based raffle picker!

PS: Second shot is of a contender that didn't make it into the composite image.


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