Forma Library v1.0

Long time since I released anything, Super Excited to release a new UI Kit! Forma Library is a well organized sketch file based on nested symbols to power designers with starter kit to build configurable Web forms.

Aiming to save and optimize time for designers to create easy and quick Web forms with dropdowns, Checkboxes and Radio Buttons, It is customizable to match your design system so feel free to change icons, colors & typeface to your own DSL.

Download it Now for FREE!
In the package you will find:
1. Open "Sketch" file.
2. Documentation PDF and included in Sketch as well.
3. Demo video for how to use the Symbols.

Watch Demo Video

Press “L” or "F" to show some ❤️!

And finally! Big Thanks to my friend @Edoardo Mercati for reviewing and supporting 🙌🏻

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Posted on Jan 11, 2018
Amr Kamal
Product UX Designer at IKEA

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