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Bloggers from The Past

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I can't remember when was the last time I used Lorem Ipsum.

At some point I just realised that it's nothing more than lazy approach which doesn't contribute to the design process and actually does more harm than good to your work.

The text is jibberish latin so you cannot simulate the normal reading process. Of course, you can always complain that copywriters haven't provided you with final text yet, but that's just a lame excuse to f*ck up your designs. If you don't have the content yet - make up your own.

I believe the dummy content should be relevant to the context of the task at hand, yet sometimes I like to brighten up my day by setting myself loose a little. Today I was working on some blog components and remembered some of the most iconic designers of 20th century. What would they be bloggin' about? 🙂

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