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Solar System pocket guide

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Solar System pocket guide solar system principle interaction planets 2d illustration space science motion prototype app

Find more at; https://www.behance.net/gallery/60287899/Solar-System-Pocket-Guide

Since I’ve realised that science is the ultimate guide to understand design, it has been my escape. Where I go to bury my nose into things that I’ll never understand completely , hone my senses, dream about our place in the universe.

Trying to understand light and mechanics behind the nature makes me understand that the colour theory is far beyond rgb & cmyk and shapes are not only defined with x,y,z.

Few weeks ago, I’ve decided to improve my animated interface skill set, this was the only project that would keep me excited during practicing. I wanted it to be something really useful rather than something I’d archive afterwards. This app is going to be a simple guide to solar system.

All crafted in sketch & principle. I have a working prototype, let me know if you want to check principle file.

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