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UI Challenge 001 - Set of Stationary

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UI Challenge 001 - Set of Stationary design challenge branding forestry logo logo design letterhead tree daily ui challenge design prompt daily ui stationary

EDIT: Lolol, I fell off this challenge in a major way! I stil like the letterhead tho. 😗

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🎊 Happy new year! for 2018, I decided to do a 365 Daily UI challenge this year, using's prompts ( And I started it… on January 8, lol. So now I'll be doing a few a day until I catch up (hopefully). Here's the first one (erm it's technically not a UI):

💡 Design a set of stationary for the National Forestry Association and make it really modern

So, technically it's just a letterhead I made. I should have done an envelope too but I spent too much time on it as it is 😅 I never get to do branding or logo stuff, so I spent way too much time playing with logo options.

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