Blog365 Friday Freebie - Sketch | Day 05/365 - Project365

Day 05/365 - Blog365 Freebie Friday - Sketch

Freebie Friday:

It's Freebie Friday and being the first one for this year's challenge, I've designed a blog template for bloggers whose focus is on the content rather than complicated elements.

Do download this free Sketch template and share your inputs on the design. Feel free to use this and improvise the design. I'd be happy if you could give me an attribution if you're sharing this elsewhere. Not for sale.

Download here:

What is Project365?

A 365 Days Design Challenge undertaken for the love of design and creativity!

This is not just another design challenge. The challenge is to design a brand new, unique website/application or any UI/UX interface in a single day and keep doing this for 365 days constantly! Without a break, without any compromises!

For detailed blog posts on my daily content:

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