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Animated Logo Collection 2017 on Behance

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Animated Logo Collection 2017 on Behance dedicated keyframe zajno business advertising brand transition smooth behance animation logo

Happy New Year to you, Dribbble people!

The first goodie we wanna share with you this year is Logo Collection we’ve just posted on Behance. The collection includes a selected set of animated logos I magicked up at Zajno in 2017.

Goals Finding a unique approach to each logo animation to tell a story behind the brand within a few seconds.

Approach While animating I followed the 12 basic principles of animation, creating logical movements and smooth transitions. I used a wide variety of different techniques from frame-by-frame to keyframe, playing with colors and textures, changing shapes and states.

Results We came out with a set of unconventional and smooth dedicated logo animations that reflect each brand’s rad nature.

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