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Allergen Icons

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Allergen Icons salt soy celery sesame lupin gluten mustard emoji emojione icons allergens

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For 2017 Hack Week I redesigned the digital lunch menu that we use at Dropbox. As part of the revamp, we wanted to expand our list of allergens to include everything required by the Irish government (Dropbox has a Dublin office, where the food laws are more stringent).

I used the stunning EmojiOne for common icons like peanuts, dairy, and fish, but it didn't include more esoteric allergens like sesame, soy, and lupin. (There's also no salt emoji!)

Here are the icons I designed to fill in the gaps.

Mustard - Gluten - Lupin - Sesame
Celery - Soy - Salt - Salt (Alternate [Salternate])

I've attached a .zip of 128px .pngs in case anyone would like to use these in a project of their own.

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