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52/52 – Stick a Fork In It

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...and...done. 52 things shared this year. Some old, lots new, some weird, plenty blue.

For my final post in this series, here are a few random drawings from the "Design Dangerously" talk I gave earlier this year (if anyone is interested in watching, I have a shitty cell phone video of the talk...).

I set a goal for myself this year to share something here once a week (on average) and this marks the last one for the year.

It's been a challenge, but still fun, for me to be uncomfortable and share things that I wouldn't necessarily have before. My hope was to get more confident in sharing process and exploring new things and in that respect I've learned a lot.

I'm currently working on a way to share some more thoughts and personal learnings from this exercise, expect to hear from me again early next year!

Until then...I'm out!

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