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Straple Brand design toolkit design atomic design sketch design framework design system straple

We've been really quiet over the past few months, mainly because we have been getting this Badboy ready. It's been a year of hard work and a ton of problem solving, however we're close to release.

Straple is a design system which goes from Brand to Product, that means a base sketch framework which focuses on atomic design color, typography, buttons, icons and more.

This then floods through a digital brandbook which includes guides on writing brand comms.

200+ Custom icons
Detailed brand and product mockups.
Print templates for brand collateral.
Keynote and Powerpoint deck templates.
A react framework where all the react components which mirror the straple base framework.
A brand website where your clients can access their entire brand and the assets.

The purpose of Straple is not to be a UI kit, but a toolkit to reduce production and allow us to focus on storytelling and problem solving. We'll be releasing more info over the next few days.

Head over to for more, sign up for a 20% early access discount.

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