Using Metaphors in Design

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Hey guys! What’s cooking? :)

We don’t usually think of metaphor as of something that can help us promote our product, right? But we should!

Metaphor is a simple and effective way to present an idea, or say, competitive advantages of your product. It’s an unexpected comparison of two dissimilar objects, and it works ‘cause it’s catchy.

It’s just like cooking: you take different products, mix them together and voilà - you’ve got a tasty cake or a yummy soup, whatever you like, just like in the illustration you see above. The only thing, make sure the ingredients go well together.

To learn more about metaphor as a visual tool check out our article @Yegor Mytrofanov wrote a while ago, there are some useful tips.

Do you use metaphors in design? Share your thoughts and let us know what you think of this.

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