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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Take a look at some wireframes of a marketing website we are creating here, at Zajno, for a cool client of ours that shall remain nameless. The business provides a full stack of digital marketing services that match the needs of small and medium-sized businesses alike. You might have already seen the design of the page, but we never showed you the wireframes. Now it’s time.

Goals: Creating wireframes for a page that would outline the core features of the business solutions provided by our client, paying great attention to the customer journey on the page and the entire website in general.

Approach: As one of the requirements was to use a lot of graphic content, we focused on arranging all the elements in the best possible way in order to put accents on the core features and navigate an intuitive technology experience.

Results: We ended up with a good wireframe of a marketing website page that allowed us later to create a live, vibrant UI design that showcases the business solutions and speaks to the target audience.

Let us know what you guys think about this one!

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