Hello! Long time no see. I’m still designing over at Teamtailor. We’ve grown from four to 32 people, with a product team that koncist of ten. And we’re still growing. Being a designer at Teamtailor means working with several types of design task. It makes this position so much fun and I gather a wide range of knowledge as a designer. And I want to tell you about it.

What is Teamtailor? In short, a tool for recruiting. A career site to attract candidates and a applicant tracking system to manage them. On top of that, a marketing site to sell the product.

Teamtailor and the airport
When thinking of airport visitors, you need to assume this is people who are there for their first time. You need to tell them the direction, signs with words, letters and symbols. There are also sounds and braille characters there to guide you. A marketing site is mainly for first time visitors, getting to know your product. We use copy, images, symbols and videos, all trying to get them in the right direction — making a good choice. Crafting a marketing site is all about creating neat copy. Sending the right message, and guide them — as first time visitors. To be honest here, we haven’t actually spent any time on this. The site isn’t built with the content first in mind. But we’ll fix that.

There’s a lot of people working at airports. In the control tower, driving de-icing machines, repairing the escalators. It’s about serving them the right tools to make the airport go around. Building a great hiring tool is all about building the right tools for the job. This type of design thinking is such a big difference from doing a marketing site. You can really be innovative here, finding new solutions and build solutions that you can assume people use more then once. It’s about getting them affective.

An initial important step for a new airport is the planing of the layout. This to make people work as affective as possible so that they in the end can make it easy for the passenger. This is exactly what we need to do with our career site editor as well. We need to make sure every option our customers choose when they build their career sites, is great for the candidates visiting them. So it’s sort of a mix between the marketing site and the tool, with a little bit of flavour on it’s own. Three different types of design thinking.

A big bonus is that I’ve also learn a lot about the business side of a company. Sounds great, right? Did I said we need another designer?

Posted on Dec 24, 2017

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