Frederick Andersen

A product-centered homepage

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A product-centered homepage webshop danish ecommerce lamps homepage

We've already established how incredibly fascinating Le Klint is as a company—and how beautiful their Danish-designed products are. However, they're likewise very proactive and often have the need to communicate a certain message.

Therefore it only made sense to encapsulate all of their beauty and innovation on their homepage in a product-centered, communicative fashion.

In the example, we have three sections. Each section is made up of beautiful imagery accompanied by a descriptive headline and a set of optional buttons. The buttons can either lead the user to a story about the product and the designer or an overview of the product collection with the direct option to buy. Last but not least they also have the possibility to display a row of four hand-picked products beneath the message, which adds on to and strengthens their now conversion-driven philosophy.


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