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Griddy and wonky growth plant bullseye target grocery credit card ip address postage stamp lightbulb shapes organic

Here's some of a set of icons I developed with help from the wonderful @✿ Adam Danielson ✿ for an email risk assessment company. They're redefining their look a bit and had this beautiful gold and blue going on that I wanted to capitalize on for the icon set.
I developed the ground rules and a few of the icons, Adam came in with great ideas and perfect execution for the perfect collaboration. Thanks bruuhjjjhh!

They had this mix of 80% serious tone (risk assessment duh) captured through the mono weight lines and geometric smart shapes and then some fun flare that I tried to place with the yellow more organic, off center shapes.

When I pitched the style, here's the blurb i wrote in case it's interesting to anyone:
a geometric grid approach to reflect the strength, reliability, and clean tech nature of %brand_name_lol% while also staying versatile with scale, appropriate for small and large sizes. Stylistically offset with an organic overlay of the bran gold color. These elements lay outside of the grid and help show the fun and unique side of the brand which makes it glow. Throughout the icon set, we'd highlight pieces of the icons that are relevant.

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