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Physio App - Launch Screen

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Activation is the stage where people actually use your product or at least leave their details with a potential to become users at some point in the future. A user is unlikely to enter credit card info and subscribe to your product if they haven’t activated yet. This is because they need to appreciate the full value of your product first, and need to be confident that the value is greater than the cost. So asking them to fill out a complex sign-up form can lead your newly acquired users to bouncing as soon as they open the app.

One way to increase the number of activated users is allowing them to easily explore the most popular content and core features through guest access.

That’s exactly what we did for one of the latest projects we have been designing at PLATFORM. This app helps you easily find a specialist in your location. Just set the date and time and you will instantly find a specialist who is available right when you need him.

Preview of interactions animated by @Lukáš Straňák

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Note: We have changed the industry and updated the content to protect our client's intellectual property.

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