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New Article on Medium: The Ultimate “Why”

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New Article on Medium: The Ultimate “Why” space ultimate company business story why question zajno medium astronaut article answer

Hey buddies!

Know what time it is?
It’s Zajno Article Time!

@Yegor Mytrofanov, Co-founder of our studio, explores in his article why it is important for businesses to define the ultimate purpose of their existence.
He also explains how knowing the answer to the “Why” question can benefit a company and actually any person as well.

What you see above is the second illustration to the article where the same astronauts have identified their goal (the light) and are going to it.

You can read the article here. Hope it’ll be helpful for you and your business, and maybe will give you a new perspective on what you do.

Do you ask yourself the “Why” question? Have you found the answer? We would love to hear what you guys think of this.

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