World's First Single-Input Login UI

World s first single input login ui

Refreshed a concept I developed back in mid-2009 while working on a minimalistic Twitter app in which the entire UI was one single input box. It arose out of a need to reduce memory usage since Adobe AIR had this quirk where the more the input boxes in the app, the more memory it uses while running. Having the entire app be just one single input box was both a memory optimization win and a UI win, at least minimalism-wise.

The input box is used for logging-in to the user's Twitter account (format was username [separator, here, a comma] password). After successful login, the same input box switches function to a tweet input box. This was back in the days when Twitter had not made OAuth mandatory.

OAuth has largely made this concept useless so it now exists as a quirky concept without much practical value, except in some corner cases like hobby apps, internal forums and admin screens.

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