I’m a huge fan of Twitter and have come across some amazing design thinkers over the years. But without injecting too much of my personal reasoning behind why I think being relevant in social media as a designer is important (inspiration, meet-ups, meaningful connections), I have a point to make. While trolling my usual hangouts - I ran across Zoltán Gócza, a Hungarian user experience designer and brain child of UX Myths website: uxmyths.com. I found this tasty gem and really enjoy the work he has put into it.

UX Myths collects the most frequent user experience misconceptions and explains why they don’t hold true. This website collects considerations on the user experience, all derived from tests, studies and specific articles that motivate those working with the web to be wary of the many (many), myths that circulate among professionals (and others) on the subject of user experience applied, for example, to a website.

// Responsible for conception, book cover, layout, and illustrations. See full project here: http://bit.ly/userexperiencemyths

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Posted on Dec 14, 2017

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