List of baby name suggestions by Namestork

Namestork ( is the most amount of yak shaving I have ever done. My wife and I are struggling to name for our 2nd child so I built an app that emails us 9 random* names every day. You will never get the same name twice and you get a match when you and your partner favourite the same name.

I've built it pretty lean focusing on making it work as described above. A couple of my friends have started using it with success and that has encouraged me to continue polishing it. Currently there's *no* design, just plain HTML elements.

This is iteration #10 of the web page you're taken to after favouriting one of the suggested names in the email. You can also navigate to you and your partner's matches or your previously favourited names.

The colours come from and the star icon comes from


*It's not truly random. Truly random gave too many obscure names. The suggestions are weighted toward popular names throughout the last 100 years in Australia and the US.

Posted on Dec 13, 2017

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