Ginger Farms Soccer-Themed Badge

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Ginger Farms Soccer-Themed Badge farming trees farms farm gingers badge soccer badge


My best friend moved a few years ago, and he’s slowly become more and more of an epic farmer. It’s quite impressive.

He asked me to help design the logo for their farm, which seeks to teach others how they too can have a small farm at their home.

Since I spent a lot of time working on it, and it’s in a badge, I decided to make it one of my soccer badges, too.

What do you think?

For a year, I am challenging myself to become a better digital Illustrator. I’ll be posting weekly (my goal is each Sunday) and sketching & drawing daily. To give some context, I am marrying the idea with a passion of mine; soccer. I am going to create 52 soccer-styled badges with different themes along the way. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

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