Blinksale 404


6 Responses

  1. Jared Christensen Jared Christensen

    Working on an idea for an error page.

    over 3 years ago

  2. Patrick Haney Patrick Haney

    Awesome. I love creative 404 pages, especially when they say something besides "Error 404: File Not Found."

    over 3 years ago

  3. Matt Gist Matt Gist

    That's quality goodness.

    over 3 years ago

  4. Sam Soffes Sam Soffes

    You are so full of awesome, its stupid.


    over 3 years ago

  5. Jim Gunardson Jim Gunardson

    Good idea, I like the milk carton thing.

    over 3 years ago

  6. Jared Christensen Jared Christensen

    @Sam Soffes - I am going to put that quote in my resume. :D

    over 3 years ago

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