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I'm Right Here

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I'm Right Here

Everyone is fighting their own battle every single day. This past year I saw my mental health essentially rip my career right out from under me. I'm not sure if I'd be here if my loved ones weren't here to help me through the this times.

This holiday season I think it's most important to be there for the ones you love. Mental health and overcoming trauma are things that we need to have an open conversation about. This is why I chose the idea of "giving time" to a loved one as my theme for Sticker Mule's Giving Playoff.

If you need an ear, I'm right here.

If somehow I win this thing, the charity money will be going to my favorite organization, RAINN.ORG. RAINN is a 24/7 national sexual assault hotline there for victims of abuse. I've worked with RAINN a bunch in the past and have nothing but amazing things to say about them and their cause.

Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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