Brightwell Logo Refinement

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A brand is a relationship between an organization and an audience. So you can't brand some something (unless you're a cattle rancher, bruh) but you can give it an identity. A clear identity is a signifier and is important as you build that relationship with your audience. A logo is a typical signifier when trying to get your audience to recognize your organization as you build the relationships. A brand is the reward, for better or worse, from the work you put into the relationship.

As Brightwell moves to build better and more meaningful relationships, a new identity is necessary to help reframe the conversation. A logo that speaks to the underlying values and mission, that is inclusive and approachable, never daunting or ominus. A logo that says, "How are you, and how can we help?".

Welcome to the new Brightwell logo. A key identifier in the relationship we intend to build with our audience: real people achieving real financial goals, on their terms.


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