Goodwill to All

Goodwill to All

Christmas is fast approaching and one of the sentiments of the season is the idea of peace on earth, goodwill to all.

In these times it seems that this is the furthest thing from some people’s minds. However that doesn’t mean we can give up fighting for it.

I am heartened by every person who works, labors, toils, and strives for peace. The arrival of Jesus into the world symbolically means that the systems of the world and the despair found therein can be radically subverted by loving your neighbor, turning the other cheek, healing the sick, standing for the oppressed, and pointing a despairing world to a higher purpose and calling.

Change starts with us, hope grows with us. That is the reason for the season and although things may seem dark, that hope can lead to the salvation of man.

This Christmas season, join me in loving radically, forgiving your enemies, and making this planet and fairer, more just, and peaceful place for all.

I appreciate you guys and believe our best days are yet to come.


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