Adventures In Design Ep. 692 - Satan's Pirates

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Adventures In Design Ep. 692 - Satan's Pirates satans pirates aid adventures in design podcast mark brickey the forefathers group talk radio broadcasting xmas 12 tubes of christmas

Satan’s Pirates have set sail and we’re headed for the North Pole!

We’re happy to be back on the Adventures In Design podcast hosted by the host-of-hosts Mark Brickey.
This time we’re doing one of the AID 12 Tubes of Christmas episodes and we’re Tube Number 7!

We touch on:
• Shape Tool Designers
• Can Dribbble survive?
• Social Media Etiquette
• Putting the “You!” in URL
• Social justice warriors are bored
• Hawking some products
• Pornography then & now

Always such a great hang with Mark! Both over the airwaves and in person.

AID Website:
AID Episode 692:

(PS. Yes, we made the AID logo and it was 100% shape tooled! #HYPOCRITES)

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