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PUBG Concept - eSports

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PUBG Concept - eSports card player unknown battle royale gaming ui esports homepage website battlegrounds pubg

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It's been a while since I set myself a project just for fun. Though constraints can provide much needed direction, and inspire creative solutions - sometimes we just want to make something pretty.

I really like the PUBG website, it does it's job well. For this project I wanted to consider how it might look if the homepage supported eSports / events.

With such large scale games, and gameplay with a pace unlike any other eSport, I was interested with a recent article talking about 'Player Unknowns' thoughts on Battlegrounds future in the industry. I barely spent a few hours on this, so I have not done this project justice - but it is definitely something I will continue to think over and tinker on.

(Mobile version coming soon as a rebound)

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