New Phase: My Practice (Connecting the Disciplines)

Currently my interests and practice are primarily targeted towards four core elements; art, design, education and activism. Additionally the theory and practice of art, design and education is my exploration intent. Continuing to learn about contemporary themes and concepts is my aim, with previous historical art and design an innate attraction. Meanwhile, to creatively adhere to strong conceptual thinking that combines with a mastering of manual skills and techniques by working simultaneous as an artist and designer. Utilizing my imagination to explore the current paradigm of global issues, by consciously demonstrating change in an artistic way. Therefore my motivation in undertaking this path is to embrace and nurture the innate creativity present in each of us. The MA in Socially Engaged Art + Further Education offers a challenge that will push the artistic abilities and boundaries of my ongoing art practice. Throughout my educational cycle, I have always been heavily engaged with traditional and modern art, and expanding this to a higher standard is a primary aim as an aspiring artist and designer. In addition, furthering my knowledge of the interplay between practical and theoretical art practice, as this has been an area of instant gratification.

My main focus with Socially Engaged Art and any art form will ultimately always be directed towards creating artwork which matters to others. ‘Artwork’ that illustrates a difference in despair driven areas, that results in the growth of empathy by the changing of perceptions; to me this is art and this is where my practice is situated. For this to materialise the aim must be, to unify a combination of the four core elements (art, design, education and activism) with Socially Engaged Art. This idea has already intrigued a new phase of creativity, one that will trigger the use of a creative arts methodology to solve societal problems from solutions.

Thomas Noone
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