ForeFlight Synthetic Vision

ForeFlight Synthetic Vision is a backup glass cockpit on the iPad that helps pilots stay aware of their position and surroundings in normal and emergency operations.

Synthetic Vision works in both split screen and a beautiful full-screen mode. Both modes support portrait and landscape iPad orientations.

Terrain contrast has been enhanced for a luminous effect that improves the viewing experience in the cockpit. Shading from peaks to valleys gives depth and realism. East/West and North/South grid lines provide directional awareness and clearly define the ups and downs of rolling terrain.

To preserve night vision, a transition from day-mode to night-mode gradually occurs over twenty minutes and is based on local sunrise and sunset data.

Airport markers, obstacles, and runways automatically fade in and out of view based on aircraft altitude and distance to those objects.

I led the UI/UX for ForeFlight Synthetic Vision from conception to shipment.

Posted on Dec 4, 2017
Ryan McBride
Pilot & Aerospace Design Leader

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