¡Mira! Coco iOS Stickers

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¡Mira! Coco iOS Stickers duik texture loop rig motion character gif 3d animation coco pixar disney

Wanted to share with you really exciting project i took part in recently. i was approached by @TheLittleLabs to animate few stickers for Disney/Pixar (!) upcoming movie Coco! It was so fun to animate these goregous illustrations done by amazing Ricky De Los Angeles.
Also big thanks to @Aradhana Modi for great direction! It was my first project on iOS stickers and I definitely would love to do more!

Directed by TheLittleLabs

Creative Director: Aradhana Modi
Illustrations: Ricky De Los Angeles / Disney
Animation: Pedro de Britto, Mac Wojcik, Logan Liffick, & Aradhana Modi
Design: Camilo Bejarano

Client: Disney Interactive / Pixar

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