Toodles 18: Tools

Toodles 18

Several folks have asked what tools I use so wanted to put it in an easy-to-find spot so I could just reference this list. ;)

For penciling I got turned on to 2mm, drafting lead holders and I use either HB or 2B leads. I have a couple mechanical pencils but the lead holders are what I tend to use. If you're going to use a lead holder, be sure to snag a good sharpener. I've also recently started using a .5mm Kuru Toga mechanical pencil for times when I don't want line fluctuations.

When inking I use Rapidograph Technical pens for finishes on bristol board and Pigma Micron pens for doodles and wireframes.

For sketches I've been using a Dot Grid Journal from Behance as well as a couple different sized Moleskine notebooks, usually smaller so they travel easily.


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