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Chinatown Art Nouveau - Eureka Show Submission

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Chinatown Art Nouveau - Eureka Show Submission chinese poster vintage fall umbrella illustration poppies art nouveau chinatown

Jen has been super hard at work hanging and curating the Eureka show that will open this Sunday at the OC Great Park Gallery! She asked me to do a piece for the Art Nouveau design period. The show features different design movements as seen through California historical events. In the 1910's during the heyday of Art Nouveau style, Chinatown was also at it's peak in it's original location where Union Station stands today. At the time less that 10% of the population of the community was women (see the imagery of 1 in 10 in the plum blossoms which symbolize purity and perseverance - a quality the women had to have in that time in a very lawless, male dominated, racially charged community.) Due to racial discrimination, the Chinese had no property rights, and eventually city officials forced them to relocate Chinatown so civic buildings and Union Station could be built in their place on what was then known as Calle De Los Negros. The name of the street was changed to Los Angeles Street after the Chinese Massacre race riot to try to forget the violent and racist history of the area, but to little effect.

The poppies symbolize California history and the bamboo signifies strength. Alphonse Mucha, the great Art Nouveau artists/designer used to prominently feature women so this is an ode to the Chinese women who braved that era. Click the attachment to see the full poster, or better yet, come see it in person!

Eureka Show
OC Great Park Gallery
Dec 3rd, 1pm-3pm
Kid friendly!

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